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Derek left that job to become a mainstream model, finding success in both print and runway modeling.

After a year of that, he also began doing adult work. Derek has been a huge success as an escort and you can check out his profile. What did you study in college?

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I studied Psychology, with a focus on sex and drug counseling — so I'm truly a professional when it comes to fucking and partying. I love meeting new people and I certainly have a kinky side, which makes me perfect for this type of work. Downsides to escorting? There is always a legal component to this job. There's a legal way to do it, and an illegal way.

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I understand the difference, but unfortunately some clients do not. Other than that, I've had a pretty smooth ride since day one. When will you stop escorting? I've been saying that I'm going to phase myself out of the industry for a couple of years.

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For one reason or another though, I just keep doing better and staying in demand. How would your friends describe you? Cocky in a humble way , down to earth, laid back, and a little too witty.

As a kid, what did you want to be? A porn star, of course! Just kidding. Probably a musician. Life lessons from past 5 years? How different they can be.


And yet everyone has the same basic needs, with companionship being one of the most important of those needs. I saw him bouncing at a beer garden and approached him. You do porn too. My guess would be that Derek is straight or bi, and that Ricky is gay.

Gay student surprised his straight BFF wanted to be his spring formal date

He gets paid each time, so he can claim gay for pay. But the fact that Derek Atlas sucks cocks daily but ate pussy years ago just throws his straightness out of the window.

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Both are straight. Derek Jeremy Rowback is engaged and his fiance is pregnant. Ricky Eric Cadena is also straight. Very few gay porn stars are actually gay or bisexual buysexual. Most of the straight guys do gay porn because the pay is great for little work and for a short time.

Sorry, but it is the truth. In other words, what lonely gay men are willing to pay for. Gay-for-pay is a bullshit idea perpetuated by gay porn companies to increase revenue. Ok… Kind of offensive. I get the whole some-odd cents to every male dollar economic inequality, but that was incredibly poorly worded.

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He should instead suggest that there are rich men willing to pay them big bucks, gay porn makes more than straight porn, etc. What are we- brainless, passionless, s housewives? All of us? One of them is a former power GoGo boy in West Hollywood. Totally agree with you.

Nothing looks remotely proportional, or even organic. So his response? Admittedly, that is a little bit of a discrepancy in our thinking. Gay men who sleep with women do so out of desperation. Men who have sex with men but claim to be straight, do so out of enjoyment. Straight men do no seek out men for sex. Straight men seek out women.