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The piece by writer Jordan Sargent includes screenshots of text messages and photos that allegedly identify the man, who is married to a woman and has three kids. The media exec is the brother of a former high-ranking Obama administration official.

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The media executive backed out of the encounter, so the two never actually met in person. The post, which was published last night as Gawker founder Nick Denton hosted a party at his apartment to celebrate the delay in the Hulk Hogan trial , was met with swift criticism online. Prominent media figures tweeted their disapproval for what many contend was the outing of a private person. An appalling act of gay shaming disguised as a story — thought we were way past this crap ughnick: That piece is just sick, mean and creepy.

I just don't understand why'd they publish.

Gawker Slammed for Story Outing Condé Nast Exec [Updated]

I think I just read a blog post that ruined a guy's life for no good reason and I don't feel great about it. Been a long time since I've seen such universal media revulsion for a media company's editorial decision: Gawker 's David Geithner story more evidence that kids are in charge and nicknotned gone or stoned.

Where is the public interest here????? Everyone relax about Gawker.

Two editors quit Gawker over pulling of article

Hulk Hogan will own it soon and it will become the number one web destination for energy drinks and cuckolding. This widespread criticism of Gawker comes as the company was enjoying goodwill as defenders of the First Amendment for the Hulk Hogan court case, in which the wrestler sued Gawker for publishing a sex tape. There were a few people who tweeted their support for the story, but those were mostly people who work at Gawker. Stories don't need an upside.

Gawker Slammed for Story Outing Condé Nast Exec [Updated]

Not everyone has to feel good about the truth. The hypocritical politicians were often shamed out of office, replaced by representatives who were far less hostile to gays, lesbians and transgender people. The incidents also helped raise awareness about LGBT rights. The piece evinces a subtle homophobia, since part of what the reader is expected to do is recoil in horror at the thought of a married man hiring a gay escort. But with the trial on hold, everyone was still in New York, and the staff was celebrating.

Top Gawker editors and a number of other journalists, including some from The Huffington Post, were on hand at the party. Stories don't need an upside.

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Not everyone has to feel good about the truth. If it's true, you publish.

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  • Website under fire for outing media executive's alleged attempt to set up tryst with male porn star.
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  • Executive editor Tommy Craggs and editor-in-chief Max Read resign from media group;
  • Information is power, and we have a duty to our readers and to the public to use it responsibly. Responsible journalists ask themselves whether the information they are passing on serves the public good.

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    Or at the very least, they should stop to think about the harm they might cause. Even other Gawker Media writers recognize the dicey ethics of outing private people.

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    This is much clearer: Don't out someone who doesn't want to be out. The end. Everyone has a right to privacy when it comes to their gender identity or sexual orientation. An appalling act of gay shaming disguised as a story -- thought we were way past this crap ughnick: Out of ideological conviction and financial self-interest, corporate media--Facebook, Google, and Gawker--want to see privacy destroyed.

    How many cruel and unnecessary stories must Gawker publish before people realize this isn't a fun site to browse over their cereal?

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    Contact Gawker's advertisers here: Look, any good digital journalist understands the importance of traffic. You just have to be a decent human being.

    Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. On social media, commentators have reacted with near-universal condemnation: Michael Calderone contributed reporting. Gabriel Arana is senior media editor at The Huffington Post. Follow gabrielarana.